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Guy Sclanders has been running games since he was 14. This was a long time ago. Like a really long time. Like some of his best campaigns were titled: Ug Fire, No Noah, that's not a boat, and Caesar invades Gaul - a live LARP - believed to be the first LARP in 76BC... seriously though - he has been running games for a long time. And although he will admit that his knowledge of game systems is limited, he has also spent nearly 20 years writing scripts and screenplays for TV and film. Which has required him to research and understand a wide variety of aspects regarding storytelling and how to bring it all together.

He started competitive GM'ing in 2010, sweeping away national competition judges by coming stone 3rd. After that it was only a matter of time till he bribed the right people and started to place first. After a while of doing that he decided it was more entertaining helping others place first. And suddenly - How to be a Great GM channel was born.

Behind the scenes, Derrick a.k.a the web goblin, maintains the web aspects of the channel, and built RPG Table Finder which is a tool that allows people around the world to find and join role playing tables, easily and effectively.

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