Enslaved Orca
Enslaved Dragon Turtle
Kite Runner
Thordaine Warship
Locklodder Transport
Goadeboat Cargo Hauler
Clakba Kash Hauler
Aranea Navi Stealth ship
Dawnstar Courier
Moonborne Warship
Seacrofts Exploration Ship
Type Eight Gamble
Goblin Junker
Carabas Fire Dragon
Ship of the Dead
Loxotl Warbarge
S'Sasawe War Canoe
Bala'Een Warship
Sasakeen Transport
Krulla Galley
Takkadoom - Bow
Takkadoom - Stern
Mantara - Cargo Hauler Port Bow
Manatara - Battlecruiser Port Bow
Mantara - Battlecruiser Starboard Bow
Mantara - Cargo Hauler Starboard Bow
Mantara - Cargo Hauler Aft Starboard
Mantara - Battlecruiser Aft Port
Mantara - Battlecruiser Aft Starboard


If you want to truly explore a naval campaign above and below the waves, with exotic ships, fast paced combat and dramatic aquatic encounters then this book is going to make your life easy, and your game awesome. A lot of focus has gone into capturing the essence of life at sea in a simple, but engaging manner that will ensure all players, all characters are able to participate, regardless of class, skills, or nautical aptitude.

We’ve turned all 90+ Ships Orders into a set of print-and-play cards. The cards are divided into different categories, and classes allowing quick and easy recognition of the who can give the order, when it might be useful to use the order, and what type of order it is. 
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