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Duskmourn episode 9 “Only Logical choice…”

Fleeing the city of Hwoden Lee, our heroes are hoping to find answers. But where? [...]

[FLAVOUR] A little different

Not all streets are paved in stone...

[REVIEW] I review my first 6 episodes

The Duskmourn Chronicles is my actual play, and in this video I review the first [...]

Duskmourn episode 8 “Its only this far on the map…”

Our heroes must find a way through town to their mysterious location in the hopes [...]

[TRAVEL] A town abandoned

Where'd everyone go?

[ALL] Creating history on the fly

You need to come up with some ancient lore, a description of an old place, [...]

Duskmourn episode 7 “Flee!”

Having just escaped the maws of several undead guardians our company are stranded in a [...]

[TRAP] Anti-traps

Say what now?

[ALL] Making travel into an adventure

How often is travel just a blimp, a montage, a moment in your game? How [...]

Duskmourn episode 06 “Don’t touch anything…”

The Duskmourn Chronicles is an actual D&D TTRPG play featuring me as the Game Master, [...]