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Make Mega Dungeons Great Again!

These giant dungeons might seem like fun but they are often more of a chore. [...]

[5th ed.] EP 7 – Betrayal at High Hill – Shadow of the Dragon Queen

The recreation of a battle seems to have taken a turn for the worse! The [...]

How To Create an Epic Fighter Character

Creating a warrior is usually considered the easiest type of character to make. But there [...]

1 Min DM Advice – On Thin Ice #shorts

Add a little bit of extra pressure to your games with some icy conditions - [...]

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In this D&D Adventure live play-through we finally have all the party members together. What [...]

How I Changed Adventure One of the Dragonlance Adventure

The Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen adventure book for D&D has been out for [...]

[5th ed.] EP 4 – Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Episode 4 Elderwoman Marjorie Thornett is attempting to complete her daily business so that she [...]

1 Min NPC Creation – Quick Evil NPC #shorts

What makes an evil looking NPC? Here are some quick tips to use when creating [...]

[5th ed.] EP 2 – Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Episode 2 Sees Finnegan Abefele Take on his trial for the Mages of High Sorcery. [...]

[5th ed.] EP 1 – Shadow of the Dragon Queen

#greatgm #GameMasterTips Episode 1 kicks off with a solo one-on-one session with Vannwel Amalith facing [...]