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The guy who plays… Fabled Lands part IV

The priest Dalvin, a thief and a hopeful, is making his way to become an [...]

[NPC] Create a long-term sleezeball NPC

By creating horrid NPCs who are not against the PCs but that represent horrid individuals [...]

[TRAVEL] A town layout

What happens on the high street...

The guy who plays… Fabled Lands Part 2

The priest has turned to Sig, god of thieves, in the hopes of a brighter [...]

Add an encounter that the PCs expect, but make it grand!

Adding in an encounter into your campaign is easy. Making it a memorable one, where [...]

[TRAP] Giant extortion

A toll for a roll... or a bakery

The guy who plays… Fabled Lands Part 1 again

Well here we go again... trying to find our lost brother Vaelor... it's a new [...]

[ITEMS] These are unique Magical Items to include in your next game sesison

Magical Items are mostly seen as tools for the players characters to use in enhancing [...]


Prisons are fun!

Fabled Lands Eps 01

It's a new Fabled Lands adventure!