How to plot out your entire campaign… 

We go about how to plot out our entire campaign and how it will all come together, and it is not as intimidating as you would think!

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1 thoughts on “Creating the Campaign #10 – Plotting Out Your Entire Campaign

  1. Alan J. Robinson says:

    First of all, I LOVE listening to Guy’s videos. He’s a great speaker and I love a foreign accent. Secondly, I had a campaign idea that I thought was a fun one. I don’t have a lot of free time so I don’t know if I will ever get the change to run it, so hopefully someone else will:


    Campaign: You have been hired into service as spies for the Orgusian government, helping to slowly take over Astrad.

    Scene: You are doing hard time on Obsidian Island Gulag. You are approached by a visitor, claiming he is speaking to you on behalf of King Madek. Madek wants to conquer Astrad without any fatalities or fighting. Your prison sentence will be commuted as long as you do what Madek tells you to do. You will need to free yourselves from prison, sail to Astrad, secure a boatload of money, convert it to Orgusian money, make your way to the capital of Astrad and report in to Fessik, the Orgusian Ambassador.
    Adventure: Break out of (and get off of) your island prison.
    Adventure: Join the crew of a pirate ship for the 5,000-mile-long journey to Astradian shores.
    Adventure: Acquire a LOT of Astradian money and convert it to Orgusian money to finance your operations.
    Adventure: Outrun the people whose money you stole.
    Scene: Ambassador Fessik outlines the additional tasks you now have to complete.
    Adventure: Develop a sophisticated intelligence network.
    Adventure: Kidnap the Astradian Queen and frame another nation to compel Kahlad to send his troops out of Astrad.
    Adventure: Start a riot in Astrad to compel King Kahlad to authorize Madek to bring Orgusian troops into Astrad.
    Adventure: Stop the Astradian army from getting back into Astrad.
    Scene: Madek expects you to help take over another country.

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