Is having Multiple Dungeon Master’s Worth it?

The inside of the tavern is filled with people talking and laughing as you enter in the barkeep looks over at you and says “Oi can I get you a drink” he’s about to gradually….

*New GM Arrives* I’m your GM and it’s not a tavern no who uses taverns these days? As a matter of fact the castle that you’re in is on fire, there are great big warriors running everywhere and there are just absolute chaos and pandemonium. Your characters are on one hit point each because well you’ve been in battle for weeks and the game is just beginning…

We’re looking at the option of a guest GM /DM or multiple GM’s /DM’s as some users have asked us on the various channels that we operate: that’s Twitter, discord, Facebook – all those different spaces, and these asked how can you run a game with multiple GM’s / DM’s, should you run a game with multiple GM’s / DM’s and what about just having a Guest GM / DM coming in from time to time.

What does that do for your game what does that do for your players, and what does it do for you, as the game master / dungeon master? Well that’s what I’m going to try and answer in today’s video we’re gonna look at the various options and the benefits and the negatives, of course, that come along with having multiple GM’s / DM’s and I’ll give you some experience that I’ve had where I’ve actually run games with multiple GM’s / DM’s.

dungeon master multiple game masters new perspective meme


Key Points

  • Guest GM
    • Why
    • Disruption
    • Benefit
    • Mechanics
  • Why:
    • Different Perspective
    • Temp Shift
    • GM Guidance
    • Break
  • Disruption:
    • Where did the PC go?
    • Who is GMPC?
    • Main Plot?
    • Attachments…
  • Benefit
    • You can show/guide
    • Insight into PCs/Player
    • New GM
    • Feedback
    • Fresh Perspective
  • Mechanics
    • Pocket Dimensions
    • Dreams
    • Visions
    • Split Party
    • Reasons to Go
    • Ring of Forgetfulness

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