Burnout? Bored players? Story that’s going nowhere? we take a look at what you can do.

When, Why, the Negatives and the benefits there can be for ending your game. Sometimes the signs are there, the game has reached a point where the players are no longer invested, the story has run loops, but what now? Maybe it’s burnout that you’re experiencing and we take a look at some ways at dealing with it.


We take a look at four key aspects, the signs of when it is time to end the game, the benefits of ending the game, the negatives, as well as the alternatives.


Key Points


  • Eyes of players
  • Repeat Questions
  • Rounds like hours
  • No head-way


  • Social relaxation
  • Discussions
  • Fun
  • ideas and insight


  • Unsatisfying
  • Sense of Waste
  • Negative decisions


  • Boardgames
  • Movies
  • Chilling

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