Do you want to make your own version of Star Wars? Or to set your game of D&D in a Viking style Norse world space? How do you do it? Your TTRPG campaign will hinge on your players and their PCs enjoying your game and your world setting is critical. In today’s video, I talk about how to take an existing world space – like Star Wars or Star Trek and make adjustments and changes to turn it into your own world.

Today we are talking about the final big step that you need to take in terms of choosing the
world space that you are going to be playing in.

This step is about taking an existing world space and making it your own by adjusting it and
making changes. How do we do this and still make sure that our players are excited to play
in the world space that we’ve adjusted and created?

These are the things to think about:

• Expectations
o Expectations are our go to starting point. It must be your go to word!
o Important to know the rules before you break them, make sure that you do a
deep dive in to the world space that you are changing – so that you are
aware what you are changing and the ramifications of doing so.

• Big changes
o What are the big changes you will be making to the world space and the
expectations of your players?

• Understand why
o Why do you want to change what you want to change?
o What is the benefit?
o The reason should always be in line what your goal as the GM.

• Ramifications
o What happens if you remove stuff? It must have some impact – explore that
possible impact.

• Minor changes
o These must be communicated to the players to help them manage their

• Do your changes align?
o Your goal is always the most important factor – does it remain intact with all
your changes?
o Remember to always go back and test and reflect on whetherthese changes
allow you to explore the goal that you originally had at the outset.

o Once you are happy that your changes are in alignment with your goals – you
then make notes of your changes and give them to your players to take a
look. Then play a session zero.

• Session zero is critical
o Let your players experience this new world space you’ve made to decide if
they like it and if you like it.

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