Now that you have the knowledge to make yourself into a great game master, we can move on to the next aspect of transforming into a great GM – creating your world space. A world space is more than just a setting and has the potential to make your GMing even better! In today’s video, I talk about setting goals for the world space and for your roleplaying game as a whole and how doing this can change your game for you as the dungeon master as well as for your players.

Now that you have the knowledge to make yourself into a great GM, we will be moving on
to the next aspect which is creating a world space that will make your GMing even better.
World space = setting. And everything within that setting: NPCs, locations, adventures, lore
history etc.

• Purpose of the world space
o More than just a setting.
o Constraints are really powerful tools!
o When we are looking at designing our own world space, we must start with
setting some goals.
o We need to know where we are heading and why before we can even start.
• Choose your TTRPG system
o You have to begin somewhere
o List your constraints – understand your constraints based on the TTRPG
• What do you and your players want to play?
o You must WANT to play it!
o What kind of game? Players may give you lots of options or non – all are
o You, the GM, are important too! Never be afraid to ask yourself what type of
game you would like to play. You count the most towards the type of game
being chosen.
o Considering all previous steps – what is your goal?
o Goals are important because they give you benchmarks/targets. How do you
know if you’re on track? Doing well? What are your constraints?
o Break down your goal. What needs to happen to make your goal succeed or
fail? What is the essence of your goal?
• Combine it all
o Rules system, game type and your goals.
o Reflect and understand. Failure is great – it gives your understanding. Success
is good but repeated success means that you have achieved your goal.

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