This is a continuation from last week’s part 1 video on the 10 ground rules that every game master, dungeon master and role-player should be familiar with before starting their roleplaying game. Fleshing out these 10 rules with everyone at the RPG table will not only set your campaign up for success but also ensure that you have fun while doing it. These rules are applicable to anyone who is playing Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Pathfinder or Call of Cthulhu.

This is the continuation from last week’s video of the 10 ground rules that every game
master, dungeon master and role-player should know before starting their roleplaying

  1. The game is meant to be fun
    • Everyone at the table should be contributing and should be responsible for
    making sure that the game is fun for everyone.
    • Communicate with your players regarding what you need to have fun in the
  2. You don’t need anything to roleplay
    • Except for two people – a GM and a PC.
    • You do need two things – mechanics and one other person. But that’s it.
    • Financial security first. Gaming second.
    • Any stuff that you get for the game must work for you. It must inspire you, make
    your life easier, and drive more fun into your game. If it creates work – it should
    not be included.
  3. Not everyone will like you…r game
    • There are many ways to play – accept it.
    • As long as you like your game and you have at least one other player at the table
    with you – then you are doing a great job!
  4. You will make mistakes
    • Accept them, ‘nearn’ from them and move forward.
    • There is no such thing as an irreparable mistake – you can always fix your
    mistakes made in the game.
    • Not all mistakes are actually mistakes – sometimes you can be too harsh on
  5. Play multiple roleplaying systems
    • Each one makes you a better GM.
    • Increased options – ‘nearn’ from others and draw on the power of multiple
    possible solutions and ideas.

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