By now, you are ready to start your own TTRPG campaign, but what kind of campaign will you run? Explore the different campaign styles available to you in today’s video. What are the benefits and what are the negatives about each campaign style? What do you need to prepare for each one? Whether you’re preparing to run a D&D based campaign, or a Star Wars campaign, this video will help you decide which style is best suited to you.

By now, you are ready to start your campaign. But what kind of campaign are you going to
Today we are talking about the different campaign styles that you can have. We’ve spoken
about this many times on the channel – so this is just a refresher.

There are 5 types of campaign styles:

• Epic campaign
o Big, bold, world shattering, with a single nemesis behind it all and then a
massive conclusion.

• Open campaign
o Monster of the week, non-linked adventures with opportunities for the PCs
to go where they like.

• Player campaign
o Focused on what the players want.
o The GM creates difficult scenarios for the PCs to get their goals.

• Simulationist campaign
o It’s all been pre-planned, statted out, mapped out and the PCs are exploring
an existing space.

• Accidental campaign
o It just happened and evolved.
o It should now turn into one of the other types.

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