Your Character Just Leveled Up, but how do you make them feel like they leveled up from a Role-playing Perspective?

Your character just leveled up, and is 5 times more stronger, and can wield deadlier spells and abilities, but how do you roleplay that levelling up and blend it within your game to show your character getting stronger and/or more experienced. We take a look at how you can make levelling up of your character feel awesome.

We look at 5 key aspects, seeding within the story, play, acquire, test and then ultimately share.


Key Points


  • Choose before
  • Character Focus
  • Demonstrate
  • Jorek 


  • Spend Time
  • Practice
  • Demonstrate
  • Adru’sai


  • Ask Game Master
  • Bried Moment
  • Don’t Hinder
  • Blaxton


  • Try out powers
  • Show adaption
  • Show Failure
  • Jorek


  • Let party know
  • Work Together
  • Understand

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