What is the benefit of having a god fearing character, we take a look at why your character should have one.

We take a look at why, how and why your character should be God-fearing, and the impact it can have in your game. Role-playing tips and guides for player characters no matter the TTRPG system you are involved in.

When  looking at why your character should be god fearing we take a look at the setting your character is in, the character itself, you as a player and the limits you should be aware of.


Key Points


  • Real vs Absent
  • Cultural expectation
  • Use versus flavor


  • Rituals
  • Personality
  • Bringing to life


  • Support for the Game Master
  • Rounder Story
  • Immersive Experience


  • Over-use
  • Delay
  • Too far

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