The Great GM Weekly Podcast

Hello! I’m Guy from ‘How to be a Great GM’, and in this weekly podcast series I cover everything you can do in your tabletop roleplaying games as a Game Master or Dungeon Master to take your roleplaying games, stories, and worlds to the next level, from adventures to locations and everything in between. 

So come join me as we chat about everything TTRPG!

Who am I?
I have been playing TTRPGs, game mastering TTRPGs, teaching, making videos, writing books about role playing and being a great GM for many years on our YouTube channel.

I’m honoured to be part of the roleplaying community as its a special one, and being able to contribute to it has always been my ambition. I love feedback, and I will not know all the answers and hope to chat about these in these series and on our videos!

Join me in rolling the dice, and diving into the world of tabletop roleplaying.

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