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Important: If you have already prepurchased the PDF you will still receive the PDF regardless of if the kick-starter is successful or not. If you want to participate in the Kick-starter but have already purchased a pre-sale copy here, please contact us directly and we can make arrangements with you. 
Your support in this has been phenomenal, we just want to take it to the next level and want to make sure everyone gets a better product. 
The Complete Guide to Epic Campaigns was a huge success with over 5000 copies sold to date. The Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns is the next offering from the How to be a Great GM team. The book covers every aspect of running a campaign at sea. It includes over 25 different ships from gnomish submarines, to merfolk warships, from battleships and Aerial Launch ships (yes, Aircraft carriers) there are ships for everyone. Rules include new ship engagement rules that speed up naval combat, over 30 new orders for PCs to give their crew of their ship during battle making sure everyone is involve, as well as rules for Fleet actions, Admirals and Mounted unit combat (ever seen a squadron of Pegasi go up against a suicidal bomber bat squadron?).
Packed with useful additional stuff like how much would it really cost to ship a cow from one side of the world to the other, to rules for designing your own ships to designing your own sea-monsters this really is the complete guide.

Why is it on pre-sale? 

As much as we like to do everything in-house, we want this book to be spectacular. All 25 ships should have illustrations, and, thanks to a partnership with Dungeon Fog, all 25 ships will come with free downloadable and printable ship battle maps.
However, commissioning some of the best artists out there to make sure the art looks as good as it can takes money. By running this pre-sale we hope to raise the funds to pay for awesome artwork.
By supporting us now when the PDF is finally released you will instantly get your copy saving $3 in the process.
Note: Release by end of October 2019.
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