So let us begin with character generators. The Pathguy has got to be my favorite as it’s online, quick, and a great WALK THROUGH generator. It is also free. Sure it’s character sheets print out to 4 or 5 pages in pure black and white, but it shows you the calculations of each skill. It’s awesome for NPC’s and Players.

We Salute and Applaud The Pathguy!

Download the Map from the map making series here

One of our fans (@TallorDaniels) made these awesome summaries of our How To Be A Great Game Master Videos, so far he is on Part 8 – How to set Difficulty in Your Roleplaying Game. You can see them here

Star Wars d20 (best incarnation of Star Wars in my opinion) 

D20 Modern (and it’s expansions – a great modern setting)

For the old school players – D&D 3.5!

Dread Campaign written by Carla

Fatal Recognition – A Dread Module

D&D 5th Edition


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