What is it?


A Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns is a complete set of new rules designed for run fast paced, fun and action-packed nautical campaigns and encounters. New rules have been created to ensure ship-versus-ship combat is fast, engaging, and that all PCs (regardless of build) can add to the battles. Revised movement systems, rules on ports, fleet actions, and new magic items allow for any type of campaign play set at sea. Included in the book are five playable races designed for underwater campaigns – with aquatic ships and underwater combat rules – there is now no excuse not to venture below the waves…
Beautifully crafted artwork from top artists from around the world bring the book to life. Download 30 battlemaps, ready to print and play, or follow the links to Dungeonfog.com, get a subscription, and have access to all the maps but in editable form! Change the ships decks, layout and more. 

Key Features


Races – We add 5 new playable Aquatic races. The fun Seabolds, the nomadic Merfolk (our own version), the Imperial Aquatic Elves (our own version), the dangerous Sharkhaan, and the mysterious Clawfane


Expanded Roles Aboard a Ship – We have added in so many new and fun things for PCs to do whilst in command of a ship. No more sitting and waiting for ship combat to happen. Down time is now full of things for a crew and the PCs to do. 

Crew – A massive overhaul of existing rules approach, we have dynamic crew systems, rules for imrpoving and upgrading your crew, new rules for slaves, undead, and flying crew, and how to make your NPC crew feel like real characters. These NPCs are no longer just background filler, but are not part of your campaign story.
Abilities – Of the 30 ships and 3 ports included in this book, we have relooked at the entire system, giving ships a whole new range of abilities and functions, making it easier to track life aboard a ship, and keep it interesting for the PCs.



Ships Stores – supplies, food, water, medicine, repairs – our easy to track system makes sure the ship feels alive and like a living space, and gives the GM a massive opportunity for adventures by using the stores the put the squeeze on the PCs. 


Ship Combat – A complete overhaul of the existing system. Our biggest focus was maximizing the fun, reducing the redundant rolling, and including every single PC aboard in combat fun. Our approach was to make it fast and exciting. 

Ship Actions – We have 99 new actions a ship can take, and a totally revised system of Orders, eabling any PC to meaninfully engage in ship life. Each of these actions has be converted into an Order Card – available as a print and play (coming soon – order professionally printed card decks) from this site. Actions include downtime activities so there is never a dull moment at sea…

Fleets – We have fleet rules, Admiral roles and actions, and even include blockading a port. This is mass combat on a massive scale. No more hand-waving and vague approaches. Having an Admiral comes with costs, but also improves your fleets chance of taking a port, sinking a titanic monster and more. 


3- Unique Ships (we stretch goaled up) – We have so many ships – Human, Elvish, Orcish. Goblin. Merfolk, Lizardfolk, Dwarvish, Gnomish… the list goes on. Each with it’s own deck plan, mini-adventure, and more. We even have three different ports for your PCs to blockade if they are brave enough. 



Building your own ship – Customized rules for building your own sweet ride, but be warned, it’s not cheap! This is for the true enthusiast, although not so technical that you’ll need to divide your beam by your breach… or whatever it’s called. Remember – we wanted it fast and fun. 



Ship Upgrades – Our ships scale with your PCs. High level PCs should have ships that match their power. We quickly found that a level 15 mage has no need for a ship… until now. With the magic items we’ve added, and the upgrade options included in the book, a ship just suddenly got a whole lot more terrifying. 



Sea Monsters – And with greater ships, come bigger monsters. We have rules on how to make titanic monsters. Truly massive beasts that require a ship or two to bring down. Rules from upgrading existing monsters, or making your own mean that you will have more than just a kraken up your sleeve.


Great GM Sidebar – And each section features dozens of little side commentaries from Guy Sclanders, author of the book, and host of How to be a Great GM on YouTube. The sidebars include insights, thoughts, and ways in which the section can be used and added to your game. 


Costs – How much does it cost to sail from here to there? We’ve got tables and tables of costs, one ton of cargo – not a problem. We have done the work to give you easy to reference charts so that when PCs ask these kinds of questions you can simply answer them.


Ships, and what is new about them in A complete guide to Nautical Campaigns.

Ship combat – A complete guide to Nautical Campaigns


If you want to truly explore a naval campaign above and below the waves, with exotic ships, fast paced combat and dramatic aquatic encounters then this book is going to make your life easy, and your game awesome. A lot of focus has gone into capturing the essence of life at sea in a simple, but engaging manner that will ensure all players, all characters are able to participate, regardless of class, skills, or nautical aptitude.

We’ve turned all 90+ Ships Orders into a set of print-and-play cards. The cards are divided into different categories, and classes allowing quick and easy recognition of the who can give the order, when it might be useful to use the order, and what type of order it is. 
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What systems is this book compaticable with? 

The mechanics used in this book are designed to work with any major 1d20 based RPG system although some skill names and value checks might need to be adjusted. The new rules are a reworking of existing material and can be considered stand-alone. The Scaled Movement Tracker for example, is a new form of combat mechanic unique to How to be a Great GM. 

Where can I get the hard copy?


Printed Action Cards?

You can get the printed action cars thru DriveThruRPG here:


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All of the maps featured in the book can be found here for free download, or on the DungeonFog.com website. Accessing the maps on Dungeonfog.com is free, however an active subscription or monthly prepaid access is required in order to clone and edit the maps. Use the code GREATGM to access a discount when signing up for a year subscription to Dungeonfog.


All the character portraits in the book were made using WorldSpinner’s new Portrait Workshop app. Head on over to their website to find out more about this exciting new program for making all your character and NPC portraits!