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Who is How to be a Great Game Master?

How to be a Great Game Master also known as Great GM  focuses on providing GM Tips, guides as well as insight to improving your role-playing sessions through storytelling as a game master / dungeon master or player character.

Every Monday we touch on all aspects of tabletop roleplaying and our role-playing books can help you dive deeper on key aspects of TTRPGs such as campaign design and Nautical Campaigns!

Our Dungeon Master Tips and Player Character Tips can be for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars or other role playing systems and role playing games!

Our guides will help you bring the best out of your character, enhance your game master skills and ensure you have a happy gaming experience!

So even as a new Dungeon Master or new to role playing in general we can get your started, so you and your fellow role players will have a blast.

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Every week we release free to watch videos that cover the fun and amazing world of tabletop roleplaying, with game master guides and player character tips that will help expand your TTRPG enjoyment!


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