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Captain Victor Salt 
of the Saltmarsh, shortened to Salt

Level 1 Human Fighter 

A former smuggler and thug, Victor does his best to turn his life around and become a better person, as he sails the Azure Sea on his ship The Second Chance

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Level 1 Sharkhaan CE Ranger 

Great White Sharkman, Bosun for the vessel “The Second Chance” and lover of food from all around the world.

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Indigo Diomedea

Indigo is a Sea Elf druid in love with sailing and ships. She keeps appearing on ships she has taken a shine to and barters her abilities as a healer and weather reader into board and lodging. Since she likes to “adorn” a ship with paintings and amulets of dubious effectivity and communication with her tends to be cryptic – she speaks Common well enough, but speaks in riddles and uses flowery descriptions for the simplest things – her time on a ship is often cut short when the crew gets too wary of their loony healer.

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Corporal L’huuna “Luna” P’hascarian 

Level 1 Mermaid NG Paladin 

A guffawing, ex-marine mer-“maid” with a heart of gold and crimson fins. L’huna is the First Mate of the Second Chance, and never misses an opportunity for a joke, a beer and a good time.

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Level 1 Seabold Wizard 

Flick is a happy little Sea Kobold that loves reading books, playing pranks on people and discovering ancient ruins!

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