Bounty Hunter – A TTRPG – Holo Pack – Physical Edition

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A fast, easy-to-play diceless TTRPG for all experience levels of players set in a custom sci-fi world of Bounty hunters!

This includes:

  • The Physical Book of Bounty Hunter, which includes the rules, the introductory adventure (Malcord Midmo) and the campaign setting (Huntari Region).
  • PDF Version of the Halo Pack

Please Note this book is only available to the EU, USA, UK, and Canada.

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“If you’re on the fence after reading this, then let me give you one more nudge. Buy it.

Buy Bounty Hunter because, at the very least, you’ll have a robust diceless RPG system in your collection. Probably, you’ll get a lot more from the game than just the system.”

Review by GeekNative

Bounty Hunter – A TTRPG – Holo Pack – Physical Edition


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