Module & Map Bundle 1: Training Day & Cats and Water

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You Get:

2 Modules: Training Day & Cats and Water

2 Maps: Small Castle and Hwoden Lee

Format: PDF & Maps in JPEG

Training Day:

The party has been asked/tasked/hired to participate in a training day by Duke Gonnet Holdis, lord of the Dide region of Brenyai. He is eager to test out the new armour for his knights. The armour was designed by Totenkamp Goltisqwik – a radical gnomish tinkerer. It’s plate armour that is mostly magic – magic generated by the armour itself! It’s lightweight but offers the protection of heavy plate. 

Cats & Dogs:

The party is aboard the WAVEN – a sloop – sailing south. Captain BRAVIK plans to make the journey in under a week with fair weather. Whales breach and flying fish rainbow the waters. The Waven has a crew of four – Bravik, two hands, and the old cook who likes to fart and tell stories of the old days. 

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Module & Map Bundle 1: Training Day & Cats and Water

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