Module: Dungeon Fog Bring it On

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A short adventure (2 – 4 hours) for level 2-4 characters.
Whilst en route somewhere the PCs are onboard an airship. The airship is suddenly attacked and forced to crash-land in a dark forest. In order for the ship to be repaired the PCs are tasked with journeying to a nearby ruined temple to find some lead from the stained-glass windows. Easy enough… then a dryad army, an undead vampire, a lich, a suicidal ghost, and a maze made of fog get in the way…
Includes 3 pregen characters sheets in fillable PDF form!
Find all the maps used in the adventure on for printout, or if you’re a subscriber to add to your collection. If you want to become a subscriber to Dungeon Fog, use the code GREATGM for a massive discount!
Written by Guy Sclanders and Till Lammer
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Module: Dungeon Fog Bring it On