Bounty Hunter Halcord Midmo – Adventure PDF

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Halcord Midmo, mad genius
By Guy Sclanders

This introductory adventure for the Bounty Hunter TTRPG sees the PCs finishing up in the training dojo of the Bounty Hunters guild. Their first assignment is tracking down Midmo, a diminutive genius on the run. It seems like a straight forward mission until Halcord reveals his true plan, an invasion of the Greypan Alliance by a fleet of killer AI Tanks hell-bent on destroying all civilization within the region! The adventure is designed for any number of players, whether they are new to roleplaying or not, as the adventure contains rules for adapting to any group.

This includes only the Adventure Halcord Midmo as a PDF.

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Bounty Hunter Halcord Midmo – Adventure PDF