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[TRAPS] Statues from the future

Who carved these and why? Also... WHEN?!

The guy who plays… Star Trek

We're going to wrap this episode up today folks! Either the USS Plato is going [...]

[TECH] VR deep dive, why you SHOULD care

What is what the future is looking like? VTTs are here, but what are they [...]

[TRAVEL] Waterfalls and climbing them

It can be a lot of fun trying to navigate OVER a 600 foot waterfall... [...]

Cafe De Juiblex – an idea turned into a campaign in real-time

Cafe De Juiblex was an idea that several amazing DMs came up with at breakfast [...]

[TRAPS] Matchstick Bushes and traps of fire

Matchstick bushes are thing... seriously. Fill a valley and boom!


I am playing the Solo Captains Adventures book from Modiphius in the Star Trek Universe.

[ALL] Roleplaying versus Acting

Recently I saw ROLEPLAYING and not ACTING. What's the difference and how did the players [...]

[TRAPS] Illusionary Terrian trap

If you can't go over it, you can go around it, right along the path [...]

[ALL] What to look for in PC backstories

PCs often have simple backstories: born an orphan, lived like an orphan. Some have more [...]