As you may have seen or heard, we, along with our friends at Dungeon Fog, Caeora and
World Anvil are hosting another Circle of Worldbuilders Convention this year! And we are so
excited for what we have in store for you!

This year’s theme is: Creating Kickass Campaigns, with a focus on how not to be boring. So,
whether you are a seasoned veteran GM, a brand-new GM or just thinking about starting on
your GM journey, you won’t go wrong in attending this free event!

Everyone from the Circle of Worldbuilders will be giving their own seminar on a different
topic, providing you with all the tools you need to create amazing campaigns and keep your
players engaged with your game, with the benefit of being able to apply everything you’ve
learned at your next session!

Guy from How to be a Great Game Master will be hosting a seminar on never planning a
campaign again. But don’t worry if that thought gives you night-sweats! In this agile method
of building a campaign as the game goes, your players will think you’re a mad genius, and
you’ll have so much free time for prep you won’t know why you never did this before!

The event will be held on the 5 th of June 2021 starting at 4pm UTC, is hosted online, and on and so you have no excuse not to
join in the crazy fun and level up your game!

Follow us on social media for continual updates and pop over to the website to sign up for
the newsletter where you will receive all the updates regarding the convention.

Join us!
Until then…happy gaming!

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