How to Begin / Start Game Mastering for Your Tabletop RPG Sessions

Being a good master of a tabletop game session is hard work. Any Dungeon Master / Game Master will explain that setting the setting, the tone and crafting a story that your players will love is not for the feint hearted.

Where do you begin if you want to become a dungeon master (DM) or also known as a Game Master (GM), what is involved and what is expected from you. In this first video on Game Mastering 101, we show you how to DM and the aspects you should consider when starting to become a dungeon master.


Key Points

  • What is a GM?
  • You are responsible for the story
  • Somebody wants something badly and is having difficulty getting it
  • You are part of a collective
  • Your must learn to adapt
  • You must judge and apply the rules
  • Listen to your players
  • You must decide modifiers
  • You set the mood and tone
  • You have to control your players
  • You have to adapt to your players
  • You have to plan in some way
  • The players do not know the plan

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