Setting, setting, setting… but how to choose one

What exactly is a TTRPG setting? you may not even realise it but you have been using a setting already as a Game Master / Dungeon Master through the role-playing system you are playing with. This can be in the from of a Star Wars universe, Lord of the Rings universe, Fantasy, Steampunk or even Wild-West settings.  

Before you select a setting, you have to consider the kind of game that you want to run and the kind of game that your players want to have. Whilst you may have a system in place, the kind of setting that can take place within the role-playing system can be surprisingly different that what you could expect.

We go through the eight questions you should ask yourself before you choose a setting.


Key Points

  • 8 Questions
  • What do you Expect?
  • What are your players expecting?
  • What has been established?
  • What is different in yours?
  • Does it have potential?
  • Is this a long-term or one-shot?
  • How are your players going to change it?
  • What system are you going to use?

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