Comedy helps move the drama forward, adds relief and generally helps create memorable moments.

We take a look at how you can add humor / humour and comedy into your roleplaying games, to enhance the drama and the storytelling within your tabletop role-playing games as a Game Master / Dungeon Master.

We unpack comedy, the use of it, balancing it out and ideas that you can use to enhance your role playing games as a game master / dungeon master.


Key Points


  • Humour
  • Tool to Offset
  • Real but Funny
  • Not Funny to cultists


  • Counterpoint
  • Lighten Ton
  • Set Horror Tone
  • Fun


  • Humour needs balance
  • Funny but dark
  • Useless but not
  • Dangerous


  • Students out of depth
  • Guards
  • Mad kings

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