Have you been looking to include more of the magic of dragons into your D&D game? Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is the reference guide that will help you do just that. Perhaps you’re on the fence as to whether you should invest in this new book and you just need a little help deciding. This week, I took a look at Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons from a game master’s perspective and asked the question – is this book worth your time as the GM? The short answer is yes, but why? Take a look to find out why I think this book is most certainly worth your time. If you are convinced and are looking to buy Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons – find it here: USA – https://amzn.to/3kFFN2G UK – https://amzn.to/3oqChKC

This week, we’re looking at Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. I am looking at it from the GM’s
perspective and asked myself whether it’s worth the time and the money for you as the GM
to get the book. The short answer is yes! And here is why!
These are the reasons I think it is worth your time as a GM.

Chapter 3 is where it gets exciting in the book, and here’s why:
• Design dragon OGAS
o Lots of support on making dragons useful
o Goals – part of the OGAS system. Goals tell us what the creature wants to do.
o Campaign ideas – a single entry but filled with lots of cool ideas.
• Campaign options that are offered in the book
o The rise of a leader / New Era – a new dragon moves in.
o What if a dragon moved into a new territory?
o Goal – transform the area. Make the area more suitable for the dragon
(based upon it’s needs)
o Discovery/Invention – something new arrives on the market.
o What if dragons blood = power and has an amazing property to it? It can be
turned into potions of healing.

• The book inspires
o And for that, it is worth getting.
o What I would do if I was going to create a dragon setting is to add in ‘kits’. A
‘kit’ sits atop a class – and expands what the PC can do without forcing the PC
to abandon their original class.

• What are your thoughts on the book?

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