After so long, it’s finally time that we are able to sit around an actual table and play a roleplaying game with our friends! And if you’re like me – you will be planning an all-day RPG! In today’s video, I am going to be walking you through the process of how I plan and prep for a game of Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Pathfinder or Call of Cthulhu. I’ll take you through each step that I take, including identifying my constraints and creating my NPCs. And at the end, I’ll let you in on the biggest mistake that so many Game Masters make when prepping for their games.

Today, I am going to be walking you through the process I go through when prepping for a
game, particularly an all-day game.

• Identify constraints
o What do we need, what do we know and what do we want?
o Ask your players what do they like – what type of game are they looking for?
Why do they like roleplaying?
o Listen to your players and understand what they mean – ask if you are
o Contradiction is good – find the link and work the adventure to fit as many of
the players wants as possible.
o Number of players – more players means less time each, and more time to
work through them all.
o Understand your RPG – know the limits and advantages of your NPC system
and work to the strengths, not the weaknesses.
o List your assets – knowing what you have access to, for how long and where
the game will run will help you.
o List what you want – what is your goal for the game and what do you want
to use?

• Link it all together
o Take your constraints and link them.
o Ask “what if?” – ask that question of various scenarios to explore the
adventure space and see which includes all your constraints
o Draw inspiration from anything – TV shows, books, movies, comics, other
games you’ve played. Don’t be afraid to take elements but do not simply
o Work it and work it some more. Keep turning the idea over and adding to it
or removing elements until it fits your constraints.
o List possible elements – make a list of possible locations, sights, encounters,
and make sure to keep distinct areas distinct!

• What do we need?
o Prepping our assets.
o Cover your bases – have at least 3 or 4 maps per distinct region or zone.
o Map a cool space – within the region, make a cool/different/odd space.
o How can you help? The players may need a helping hand – let’s give them an

o Keep revisiting your idea – you can always refine and add to your idea.
o What do you expect? When listing locations, what locations do you expect to
be there? What excites you?

• Mini’s
o Use or don’t (financial security before gaming)
o Look to your assets – what do they inspire? Offer as additions to your idea?

o OGAS for all or some? And for who?
o Don’t overwork – work with what you have, and keep it simple.
o Fun spaces to play in – if you like to prep, think of a few possible fun traps
which you can use when you need to.

• The mistake that many GMs make
o Over prepping can force bad GMing.
o Each map might take at least 1 hour to play through, sometimes more, and
some will be returning to locations.

What do you think of this entire process?

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