So you’ve been watching the videos on this channel and, feeling inspired, you are ready to create your first roleplaying adventure. But with so much information, it can feel confusing with where to even start when planning an adventure for your RPG session. In today’s video, I break down planning an adventure into 3 digestible parts that you can take and use to start creating your own DnD or Pathfinder, (or whichever roleplaying system that you use) adventure immediately. This is a slightly longer video than usual, but I promise that you as the Game Master as well as your roleplaying game will be better for it if you stick around to the end!

Ready to create your first adventure but feeling confused as to where to start? Here is how
you do it.

• Part 1: There are no plots, only plans.
o ‘Plot’ is dead!
o Plots imply predetermined actions.
o There are 3 things that can have a plan within your world space:
§ The BBEG enemy NPCs – they have plans to do something that the
PCs will stop.
§ The PCs/players – they have plans to do something the NPCs will stop.
§ The world space – natural events like floods, volcanoes etc. follow a
standard plan: build up, erupt/explode, flow, kill & finally end.
o Looking at the plan of the BBEG – first ask: what is their goal. Something
wants something badly, by a specific time & is having difficulty getting it
using a specific method because something/one is resisting.
o Then break it down – what does the villain need to achieve their goal?
o Getting stuff – what do they need to get the plan started?
o The goal of the NPC – everything should hinge around the goal of the plan.
o Logically make a plan – work out how you would do it.
o What resources does the villain have at their disposal – limited or unlimited?
o To make the plan work, we must understand the NPCs OGAS.
o Use OGAS – it will change the plan for the better.
o Each step has clues – the PCs can find clues in each step which could change
the villains plans.

• Part 2: Plan versus game
o Unlink the plan from the locations.
o You can change plans on the fly – you can alter a plan to adjust for the PCs
o NPCs should change plans – if a better plan comes up, they should change
their old plan.
o You can be dynamic – adjust the plan as you go, only you knew what the
original plan was.
o Hidden plans – if the PCs cannot interact with the plan, don’t encounter the
plan and do not know of the plan – it’s an event you as the GM are running
for no reason.

o Give the PCs options – let them choose which plans they want to get involved
in. They will tell you which ones they are interested in.
o Don’t rush, build it up – let the PCs explore and learn more until they find
something they like.
o You have many ways to get the PCs involved or to give them alternatives.
o Once a plan is in motion – it should play out, however, you can let the PCs get
involved again and again at each step of the plan.

• Part 3: Nuts and bolts
o Assemble your bits and bobs
o Make only what you need – don’t over plan. Make things that are versatile,
and can be used regardless of PC plans.
o Every NPC should have plans – that is OGAS.
o Have on hand several NPCs – that have been STATed out, as well as several
monsters most likely to be in the area.
o Adjust to your players – mystery, combat, politics, and try to align your plans
with those.

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