So you’ve been watching the videos on this channel and, feeling inspired, you are ready to create your first roleplaying adventure. But with so much information, it can feel confusing with where to even start when planning an adventure for your RPG session. In today’s video, I break down planning an adventure into 3 digestible parts that you can take and use to start creating your own DnD or Pathfinder, (or whichever roleplaying system that you use) adventure immediately. This is a slightly longer video than usual, but I promise that you as the Game Master as well as your roleplaying game will be better for it if you stick around to the end!

So you want to make a map for your next campaign, but how do you go about doing it so
that you’re not wasting your time making a map that your players won’t encounter because
they’ve decided to go somewhere else?
This is how I do it.
Our maps need to have 3 things:

  • A function
  • They need to entrench certain things
  • They need to give us options
    o Geography, items, monsters.
    o A map needs to serve a specific function – one being geography.
    o Geography – the shapes, areas and zones of interest on a map.
    o Layout – doors, stairs, exits, monsters.
    o Contents – items, boxes, chairs etc.
    o NPC positions – where are they and are they taking advantage of the area?
    o Structures have a working function – otherwise why build them?
    • Entrench
    o Your themes, tones and goals.
    o This is about re-enforcing your world space as the GM
    o Your map must present options to the players.
    o You want your map to have depth and multiple layers, so that the players can
    go from one side to the next using overhead balconies.
    o We also want to make the map dual function – an additional area of map
    unrelated to the first.
    o For example – a map with a room that has an exit leading out into a swamp
    like area. Both areas of the map can be used independently of each other in
    different parts of your campaign.
  • Suggestion – find and copy real life maps
    1. o Learn how they did it.

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