There are player types that can make your roleplaying game, and then there are those that can break it! How do you as the game master deal with a table full of different types of players – all wanting to play a different type of D&D, Star Wars or Pathfinder game? Watch and find out!

Today, we are talking about the different player types. Knowing the different types of
players gives you the power of knowing whetherit is the players that may be causing your
game to fail or not.

• The power gamer
o Uses the rules and loopholes to make the ultimate immortal character.
o These people love to build the ultimate charactertypes.
o They can be a lot of fun to play with because they come up with the most
amazing combinations.

• Killers
o They murder everything, act without regard for the world.
o Live fast, slay everything and have fun.
o Very destructive force within your game world – just because they can.

• Precious players
o The player character is the only character the player cares about.
o This player believes that their character is the only one that matters and
should be the one to get all the loot and special treatment.

• Escapist players
o These people play to get away from the real world.
o They just want to have fun. Don’t expect them to take your game too

• The actor
o Put on performances and get into the game emotionally.
o They can make your game feel like you’re watching a film.
o However, they can tend to monologue too much – so make sure to handle
them appropriately.

• The storyteller
o Focus solely on the story and the journey of the PCs.

o Great to play with IF everyone at the table is also a storyteller and also wants
to get involved in the story.

• The winner
o Their motive: beat everything!
o This includes NPCs, fellow players, the GM and the game.
o This can be a very self-centered type of pf player. They’re all about
themselves over their player character or any other characterin the game.

• The joker
o It’s all just a laugh and a bit of fun.
o Can be very disruptive to a game where not everyone is a joker as they’re just
there to make jokes and have fun.

• The socialite
o ‘I am here to have fun and if we have to play RPGs then that’s ok…I guess’
o For these people, the experience of the pre- and post-game discussion is
more important than the game itself.
o They just want to be with friends and hang out – regardless of whether that
involves a game or not.

• The explorer
o Wants to learn about the world and everything in it.
o They’re just there to explore the world and the story.
o They’re happy to watch things unfold in front of them.

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