Today we are talking about homebrew worldbuilding. Homebrew worldbuilding for any roleplaying game can be difficult as I believe it is the category of worldbuilding that requires the most work and effort from you as the game master. How then do we start going about building a homebrew world? Take a look at the first and most important step in creating your own world and how it can set your next RPG up for success.

What do you think is the most important thing when designing your own world?
Today we are talking about homebrew worldbuilding.
Homebrew is the category that requires the most work from you as the GM. The most
important step in designing a homebrew world or campaign is to figure out your goal.
• Step 1: What is your goal?
o Figure out what your goals are.
o What do you as the GM want out of the game and from the world?
o Make what you want – this is your chance to do whatever it is that you want,
so don’t be shy.
o Entrench your goals – show don’t tell!
o Show your goal or want – how will you show your goal or want to the players
via your world space?

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