From Starships to Dinosaurs with Laser Turrets Equipped, we look at how you can add cool stuff to your TTRPG.

We go about how you can add cool stuff to your game, and doing it in a way that feels original and in a fun way that fits and adds flavour. This is our 4 easy ways you can add cool stuff to your ttrpg.

We take a look at 4 key aspects the include: identify the thing you want to add, how to adapt it, how you can stat it and then finally add it / seed it into your adventures or campaign.


Key Points


  • Is it long lasting
  • Add value
  • Thematic
  • Fun


  • Make it your own
  • Inspiration
  • Setting
  • Expectation


  • Stats
  • Limits
  • Uses
  • Value

Seed / Include

  • Set-it up
  • Find it / build it
  • Adventure
  • Always there

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