So your player character wants to be a lord, noble or even the king themselves, we take a look at how and why this could be a bad idea

We take a look at player characters that want to be part of the nobility or royalty in you ttrpg and why that may be a bad idea, unless you trust them! We take a look at the setting, the expectations, the consequences and balancing it all out in this how to dm guide in our quest on how to be a good dm.

We take a look at four key aspects, the setting, the expectation of royalty, the consequences but also how to balance it all together.



Key Points

The Setting

  • Large numbers
  • Uniqueness
  • Power


  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Access
  • Fame
  • Enemies


  • Violations
  • Demands
  • Orders
  • Costs


  • Other player characters
  • NPCs
  • Limited missions
  • Controlled Power

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