How much do you actually ‘care’ about your roleplaying game? Do you regularly brush up on the rules or put effort into creating your NPC’s and making them feel real? Well, you should, and in this video, I explain why that is and dive in to the three aspects of your RPG that I feel are important to care about.

Caring more about your TTRPG’s will not only make you a better Dungeon Master, but also allow your games to evolve and become so much more exciting for your players. Take a look at these tips, and the next time you’re planning your Dungeons & Dragons adventures or your Pathfinder campaigns, take extra care – to care more, for these particular aspects of your game.

Why should you care about everything in your game?
What do we mean when we talk about ‘caring’ about your game?
There are 3 areas that you as the GM are primarily responsible for that you need to apply a
different type of ‘care’ to.
• Your NPC’s
o They should behave like they care about their lives
o Care versus cardboard – NPC’s who care about their lives make for a much
more convincing NPC then those who are just functional puppets.
o Reactions should be real – the dice may dictate the outcome, that doesn’t
mean that the NPC will like it.
o If you care about your NPC’s – they start to become a lot more real.
o NPC’s change their behaviour – when you care about something, you change
your actions depending on what is happening.

• World Space
o The world wants to remain the same.
o Your world space will want to survive and to continue. The status quo must
be preserved and all living things want to continue living.
o Care = consequence. If the world space changes, you must care enough to
ensure the changes are expressed throughout the game.
o Institutions want to survive – they will fight to remain relevant, valid and

• Rules
o We should care about these to make sure that we do our best.
o Rules empower – caring about the rules enables you to make quick calls,
impartial calls and change rules in a logical way.
• Your task – care more about these three areas in your games.
• Actively try to care as your NPC might, care about your world space and brush up on
your rules.

• The more you practice – the easier it becomes.

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