Are you tired of your current roleplaying system? Looking for something other than the traditional Dungeons and Dragons? There are hundreds of unique TTRPG systems out there, but how do you choose a RPG that works for you and that your players will love? In todays video, I talk about the 6 points I take into consideration when choosing a new tabletop RPG – what to look for in a new TTRPG and how to get your players to play it and actually like it! So if you’re needing a little break from DnD, Pathfinder, Cthulhu or Star Wars – take a look at this video & start discovering new TTRPGs!

Are you looking to play something other than DnD but unsure of where to start in choosing
a roleplaying system that works for you and your players, amongst the hundreds of systems
out there?
This is what I do to help me in this kind of situation.
• How to choose a new TTRPG?
o And will your players like it?
o I was recently sent a package from Ulisses spiele – Faded Suns and am going
to use this system to explain what a look for when finding a new TTRPG
• Is it visually interesting?
o Is the layout clear? Does it inspire you?
o It must speak to you visually.
o Show your players. Show them what excited you about the TTRPG, it might
not be the cover.
o Adjust your expectations. Smaller games may struggle with lots of expensive
art or with slick printing techniques.

• Rules clarity
o Is it simple, complex, overly complex or insanely complex?
o I need to be able to understand how the rules work within the first few pages
of the rules book.
o If it is too complex, it’s not roleplaying. It becomes simulation.
o DnD rules, for example are fairly simple to understand and explain.
o Look for coverage. Do the rules cover multiple aspects and do they remain
clear and easy to understand?
o Complexity = creativity. Too much complexity = brain death.
• Character options
o What are our choices for making interesting characters?
o The promise of the game. What does the game promise? Can you be a daring
pilot? A valiant knight? A feisty, feline, fencing fiend?
o Variety is key. A wide range of species, career/class/professions, and a
unique set of abilities/skills/traits/powers.
• Why do you as the GM like this new system?

o Is it fun to run? Does it make your life easier?
o What support do you get? Does the publisher have material for you as the
o You should be inspired. If the TTRPG Game Master support doesn’t inspire
you, then why did they write it?
o You should get the basics. NPC stat-blocks, monster stat-blocks, basic
suggestions for adventures.

• Setting support
o Does a custom setting exist? Is it useful?
• Additional materials
o Online, dice, cards, coins etc.

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