How can you be more inclusive or supportive of LGBTQIA2S+ folks in your TTRPG D&D games? Any roleplaying game can benefit from being more inclusive of the diversity that makes up our wonderful human species. How do we do that though if we have no clue? Find out in video on pride, roleplaying, and being a Great GM!

So, it is pride month, and you have friends who celebrate pride. But you’re not sure how to
encourage or support them in this without being too political or stepping on toes.
How do you support those celebrating pride month and be inclusive in your gaming, whilst
at the same time, just wanting to get on with it and roleplay?

As you know, the fundamental building blocks that we use when designing a character are
OGAS – Occupation, Goal, Attitude and Stake. Today we are going to add in another S –

*Important to separate the idea of sexuality form sex! *
There are so many variations of sexualities!

Do all NPCs get OGASS? Yes! Any NPC that gets OGAS, gets OGASS.
By looking at this topic, which affects all human beings in one form or another, it enhances
your storytelling capabilities and makes your world feel different. And if simply including a
little ‘S’ into your equation and character creation and asking yourself how that person
would react to any given situation based on their sexuality – that is a HUGE step towards

If doing this meansthat everyone at your table is havingmore fun at your game – then
doesn’t that mean that you’re running a better game? That’sthe whole point!

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