This is the introduction video for the new series The Practical Guide to becoming a Great GM. Learn how to have fun as a DM, GM, Narrator, Storyteller – whatever your RPG system is called. Design your own campaign, create awesome adventures, and generate amazing NPCs. It all starts here.

Today, we are looking at 10 fundamental truths or basic ground rules that will set up your
entire RPG campaign. This is also what I consider to be the social contract that I have with
my players – a set of guidelines and rules that all at the table agree to before starting to

  1. Rules
    a. Understand the core mechanics, you do not need to know all of them.
    b. Most games are uniform – they have a core mechanic that is the basis for ALL
    the rest of the rules (usually).
    c. Ask your fellow players – you are ALL responsible for the game, so get input
    and work as a team.
    d. Streamlined rules – it makes each RPG unique and is part of modern game
    design, so use it to your advantage.
  2. The GM is not responsible for the story
    a. Everyone is responsible and all should be contributing to the story.
    b. Everybody at the table is a player – including the GM.
  3. Numbers are suggestions
    a. Use them for inspiration, not restriction.
    b. Rules remain the same – we must use the same rules and not change those
  4. Never be afraid to run away or surrender
    a. It makes it real.
    b. The GM is a player – you must roleplay the NPCs and monsters as if they are
    your own PC…would they happily die?
    c. Everything wants to live – usually. Except the undead and vampires.
  5. Everyone should have a goal
    a. Every PC, NPC and monster should have a goal.
    b. All must try to fulfill their goals – it makes your life as a DM so much easier if
    they do.

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