If you’ve watched the previous 2 weeks videos, you will know that we have been taking a deep dive into the different GM styles. Hopefully by now, you understand why your GM style matters for you, your players and for your roleplaying game and maybe you’ve identified with one or more of the GM styles. But what aspects embody the style of a Great GM? Today, we are looking at what how we can take the good from all the different styles and combine them into what we call a truly Great Game Master. If you’re looking for ways to help you improve your Dungeon Master skills within your next D&D game or Star Wars adventure – then this video is for you!

What are the aspects of a great GM?
Today we are looking at how we take all the different styles of GMs that we’ve seen in the past 2
weeks combine them into what we call a ‘Great GM’.
These are the qualities that I feel embody a Great GM:
• They respect the rules
o They bring order, they bring equality and the bring neutrality.
o They keep us all on the same page, within the same frame and are impartial.
o Application is subjective – you choose how and when to apply them. Be consistent!
o Combine rule of cool (ROC) and rules as written (RAW). Turn Rules as Written into
cool moments by applying them in your own way, consistently.
• Their design isn’t fixed
o Explore and have fun within your world space.
o Create a world space – not a fixed plot and not a pre-determined outcome.
o We need consistency – we must constrain ourselves; we must guide our creative
within a framework.
o All players contribute to the design of the world – everyone at the table can add and
build, and we must all acknowledge and respect that input.
o When it comes to designing our adventures – remember that what has started must
eventually finish.
• I am ALL
o Maybe not yet but I will learn and practice.
o Be ok with others not always being satisfied with your game – we can never please
everyone, so we must please ourselves first and those who like us.
o There are players that will enjoy some styles of GMs over others and that is ok!

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