In this week’s video, we are talking adventures! What makes a good roleplaying adventure versus a bad one? We’ll chat about the two components that make a good adventure – players choices and the consequences of their choices. When done correctly, player choice and consequence will drive your story & adventure and ultimately result in a great adventure. Whether you’re planning a Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars or a Call of Cthulhu adventure – allowing your story to be driven by player choice and consequence will result in your players running back to your table for more.

Today we are talking about adventures! What makes a good adventure and what makes a bad one?
A good adventure is made of 2 components:
• Players must make choices
o Good and bad choices
o This means that they need to be aware of the choices that they can make, they must
then own their choices and they must be free to make whatever choice it is that
they want to make.
o No choice = no game. That’s the whole point of TTRPGs.
o Check your notes – or ask the players who takes notes to share.
• PC choices must have consequences
o Consequences which must play out.
o Give the PCs those consequences – mercy is not kindness; it is bad training.
o The consequences must be real and tangible.

How does all this boil down into making a good adventure versus a bad adventure?
o A good adventure is something that is driven by the player choices and that has
consequences as a result of their choices, which ultimately results in the entire
adventure coming together in the end.
o This means that the players were driving the story through their actions and choices.
o The PCs solved it – as a result of their choices and your GM help in the shadows.
o A bad adventure is one where the players do not or did not have any choice within
the adventure or their choices don’t have any consequences and anything that they
do will result in a successful outcome.

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