How much does a Professional game master or dungeon master make? What are the costs? How much time does it take? All these questions and more answered by a Pro GM… me 🙂

You want to try your hand at being a pro/paid GM? This is what you should know before you

• Average rate
o $5 – $20 per player per game of 3+ hours.

• You need maps tokens, minis, music etc. for your games.

• Important to remember that you are moving from being a regular GM to being an entertainer GM.
o Yourskills and abilities are there for the entertainment of the players.

• You need rules
o Which you CANNOT break for anyone.

• There must be a start and a finish.
o Is that including or excluding social time?

• Outside of game chat
o How much time will you allocate for player chat?

• You need to know:
o The rules
o The setting
o The lore
o The expectations of the game

• GM ranking TM
o This will be a thing as the profession grows – how else so you know if you’re
getting the best?

• Be realistic!

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