Not all races are the same, we look at how you can own yours realistically and staying true to your race.

We take a look at how you can own the race of your character by looking at the existing racial context for your race, how you integrate with your Game Master / Dungeon master, and the rule of three!

In this character design guide we look closely on owning your existing race, looking at aspects that are currently in the racial structure and norms, your game masters expectations and how you go about it and the rule of three which includes actions, words, customs, food and drink, and lastly celebrations.


Key Points


  • What is already in place
  • What literature can you use
  • Notes and points of interest 
  • Add to your player character

Dungeon Master and you

  • Dungeon Master ideas
  • Story Ideas
  • Mechanical Ideas

Rule of Three

  • Actions
  • Words
  • Customs
  • Food and Drink
  • Celebrations

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