Creating a likable character not only enhances your prospects within the world you are playing, but can also be useful for villains… 

Making a likable character essentially makes your character liked by other PCs and NPCs in the world whether they are a good or bad natured character. We look at the 3 corner stone ideas of pro-activeness, affability, and proficiency and why these 3 aspects form the basis of a likable character in the player character guide for table top role playing.

We look at three key aspects, being proactive, affable and also proficient. We look at why these three things are important for creating a likable character and also how you can leverage them to enhancing your character.



Key Points


  • Takes initiative
  • Plans and preps
  • Thinks of others
  • Shares


  • Friendly and open
  • Light-hearted
  • Supportive
  • Interested
  • Invested


  • Capable
  • Advancing
  • Sharing


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