Your character has an injury, but how do you role-play it in a meaningful manner? 

We take a look at how you can add and integrate a injury on your character in a fun, and awesome manner but not over doing it. Not only does it enhance your character and provide more role playing aspects when your character interacts with other players and the world, it provides quirks for you to use to give your character flair.

We look at the setting, how it can integrate within the story and balancing it all out.

Injuries can include scars, limb replacement, slightly cyborg styled injury’s, even enhancements.



Key Points


  • Spells, bacta, hypo
  • Stigma
  • Prosthetic’s


  • Show off/on
  • Personal Journey
  • Functional


  • Different
  • Hindrance
  • Reliable Liability


  • Intro Player character – update
  • Discuss with others
  • Discuss with Game Master

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