Not too long ago, I went to the UK Games Expo and while I was there, I picked up a bunch of new TTRPG’s that people had written themselves. In this video, I give you a brief overview and review of the 7 TTRPG’s that I picked up at the expo. From a new campaign guide for the Alien RPG, to 17th century musketeers fighting off evil, to a RPG system where the PC’s start off dead – you will be spoilt for choice with these roleplaying games. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, be sure to check out these roleplaying games – you’re bound to have fun with all of them!

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As you may know, this year, I headed over to the UK Games Expo. It was the first in person  expo on over a year and despite everything going on around us, there was still a huge  amount of people that made their way to the expo.  

There was also a large number of people who had written their own TTPRG’s. I went around  and got my hands on a bunch of these books so that I could tell you what I found.  

In no particular order, here are my thoughts of a few of these game systems: 


o Explore emotional darkness  

o 3d6 system  

o Psychological kind of roleplaying game  

o Thematic rules system – rules, images & even the words used drive the  theme 

• Leviathan Rising 

o Enlightenment punk 

o Based on the fate system  

o Enlightenment punk is set in the 17th century & is awesome!  

o Has lots of information – plenty of rules, setting & inspiration content.  

• Leagues of Adventure 

o Ubiquity system – on any die, even numbers count as successes, odds count  as failures. More successes means overall success.  

o Based in a colonial world around the 1890’s, where people that really existed in those times are a part of the game system.  

• All for one!  

o Ubiquity system.  

o Set in the 17th century. You play as musketeers fighting off all kinds of evil  threatening to take over the world.  

• Limbus Infernum  

o AD&D 1st edition  

o PC’s start out dead, and as level 0 PC’s with 7 for all stats. 

o They start out in the Limbus Infernum (an area of hell), where they discover  that they are in fact dead, but can become living again, if they ingest the  essence of other creatures in this space.  

• Alien Colonial Marines  

o D6 pool  

o This is a complete campaign guide or module on how to run a colonial  marines campaign within the Alien universe.  

o Beautifully laid out book with a very atmospheric feel to it.  

o This is an expansion book. You need the Alien RPG core rules to use this.  

• The End of Kings  

o Another 17th century based roleplaying game.  

o Custom d100 system. Skills form the basis of the character. Other dice used  for damage, random table etc.  

o Loads of information is provided to help provide inspiration for each game.  Your task – share an RPG that you found or discovered that you thought was just awesome!  

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