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How to Make Leveling Up Your Character Feel Epic

how to level up your character in dnd5e

Your character just leveled up, and is 5 times more stronger, and can wield deadlier spells and abilities, but how do you roleplay that levelling up and blend it within your game to show your character getting stronger and/or more experienced.

Campaign Design 5: Mapping Your World

map making dungeons and dragons

>In this creating the campaign episode, we go about mapping out your fantasy world, this map will help you when we go about detailing adventures, adding backstories for NPCs, fleshing out where things are relative to your main plot points and will help engage your players into your campaign.

Campaign Design 4: Plotting it Out

creating your tabletop roleplaying campaign plotting it out

You got a nemesis, your starting point for your players but what about the actual plot? We go through the process of plotting out your campaign with the four phase process of Getting it, Building it, Testing it, and Using it. This will help us in developing adventures and encounters later on in the campaign process.