Have you ever wandered around your own RPG world as if you were a tourist? Taken in the sights, the smells, the noise and the people? Well, now is the time to do just that! In today’s video I talk about how you as the dungeon master should create a character and become an NPC tourist within your own world. Take notes of the systems in place, what the people are like and how everything comes together. Doing this will make your world feel real to you and your players, and it will set you apart as a great game master!

Today you get to put on your imagination cap and visit your world!
Visiting your world – go there like a tourist, take pictures, sample local food and regret
Create a character and wander around your city. Be an NPC tourist in your own world:
• Look around – what do you see? How is it made? What does it feel like?
• Apply your tone – express your tone in what you see, hear, smell and feel.
• What is the food – remember your tone and goals and your species.
• Judicial system – what happens to criminals?
• What about war? Are there standing armies? It is a conscription? Lotto?
• Religion – what religions are present and how do they work?
Once you’ve done this wandering around and looked at all these various aspects of your
world – you’ve now lived there for a little while. This is you roleplaying with your yourself
and exploring your own world. Doing this makes your world real and sets you apart as a
great game master!

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