How do you know if your world space is any good for your TTRPG game? Will a D&D campaign work in the space you’ve made? Can heroes level up in your map or are you destined for failure? This is what you check to make sure you’re a great game master and have made a great fantasy or sci-fi map!

How do you know if what you’ve done is any good? How do you test yourself?
Today we are talking about step number 5 – testing your world space. To test your map and
your world space – ask yourself the following questions:
• What was your goal?
o Did you manage to present your goal in your world?
o Look at your world map and ask yourself – does it fulfill the goal that I had in
the very beginning?
o Do not panic if the answeris no! You can fix it – make the changes now
before the players see the map.

• Is your tone obvious?
o Does your map convey your tone that you were aiming for?
o If you can’t get a sense of the tone from the map, you may need to revisit it.
• What are my expectations?
o Does the map make you expect things? Or is it lifeless?
o Try to be objective when looking at your map.
o Can you make the map offer more by adding in more detail? Absolutely yes!
• What adventures pop out?
o What regions inspire you to create adventures?
o If your map does not inspire at least a few adventures in you, then go back
and add in some features that do inspire you.

• Once you have done all the above, you can now take your functional map and make
it beautiful – if that is what you want to do.

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